I was afflicted by an extreme case of eczema this winter (I am still on the recovery path). While the dermatologists have prescribed steroidal injections, ointments, crèmes, and pills, scalp treatments... it's been unpleasant. The hair on my head was falling out by handfuls and my hands (palms) had blistered and peeled to where they were raw, fissured, and bleeding. It looked like I dipped my hands into a caustic liquid. The skin on my hands would dry out so quickly, it was necessary to "moisturize" every 15-20 minutes or the edges of the peeling skin would harden and catch on any fabric. Quite painful.

I purchased every over-the-counter cream or lotion I could find-- especially if it had Eczema in the name. None gave me the relief that this product did. It soothed and softened the skin, almost on contact. Even my dermatologists favorite, Aquaphor was just a moisture barrier - I needed a moisturizer. This Triderma cream was my godsend. It provided instant (abeit temporary) relief. It is not greasy and is absorbed quickly.

While I cannot say that it necessarily sped up the actual healing process - it did help slow my self-destructing hands. I will now always keep a tube at home. My purchase did not include the bonus (travel size) tube - it would have been nice to have, instead of pulling the full-size tube out in public.

if you have difficulty finding the right cream to ease your discomfort - I recommend giving this a try.

Amazon Customer (Eczema)

Between birth and 1 year I tried everything on the shelf for my daughter's diaper rashes. She has very sensitive skin. This works so much better than everything else. It also doesn't stain clothing and doesn't stink like Desitin.

Sarah J., Influenster (Stubborn Diaper Rash)

This may be a little premature as I've only used it once so far but I had a little irritation on my forehead and after applying this at bedtime, when I woke up the next day the irritation and redness was gone.

Bruingal, Allegromedical (Intense Fast Healing)